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We’re a community of service/supply providers & consumers that connect without fees + restrictions. We encourage ca$h/card/crypto/swap/sharing transactions & good deeds!

Support small business

Keep 100% of $ local

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You're the bee's knees #BeeTheChange

At the end of the day we are people, like you, who just want to prosper & enjoy life. We got fed up watching others -like us- in the trenches struggling to make ends meet just to survive and the very people buying into these scams that are being neglected for their profit$ by multiple companies in the gig economy.

You can *practice change* by keeping your local economy in your community, & we want to make that possible everywhere you are for everything! We know a familiar app is what everyone expects -which is why we’re looking for development & crowdfunding-, but if you’re already on social media then you’re already just one step outside the People’s network!

The Problem

Chances are, you've got at least one if not a few of these apps downloaded at your fingertips.

It may be convenient for you, but at what cost does extracting $ put a strain on your local service providers & overall economy?

We're here to enlighten you about the patterns & the ripples.

They don't want you to know what they're taking from us all.

They know they would be out of business so they hide secrets from you.

Drivers face fines in regulated territories and the entire public faces the repercussions but why?

Politicians exploit our communities & oppress workers.

10 years, 180 days of change, plus 1 CEO later, Uber, nor any TNC still can't get it together.

We do the work. We own the property. We foot the bills.

It's the 21st century & for the 1st time in human history we have the technology to be sovereign.

-Build Your Own Business: Bee Your Own Boss-

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