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We are people, like you, who just want to live long & prosper. We got fed up watching others -like us- in the trenches of the tech wars, struggling to make ends meet just to survive & the very people buying into these scams that are being neglected for profit$ by multiple companies + the government.


We’re a network of service/supply providers & consumers that connect across social media platforms without fees + restrictions. We encourage ca$h/card/crypto/swap/sharing transactions, & good deeds!


You can *practice change* by keeping your local economy in your community, & we want to make that possible everywhere you are for everything! We know a familiar app is what everyone expects -which is why we’re looking for development & crowdsourcing it-, but if you’re on social media then you’re already just one step outside the People’s network!

  • Bitly
  • Facebook
  • FbGroup
  • Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Slack
  • Cell411
  • Zello

You're the bee's knees #BeeTheChange

-Build Your Own Business: Bee Your Own Boss-

Make Your Own Card & Share the People’s Network

Use these FREE resources to make a custom link for your booking, ratings/reviews, contact, social media/website, payments, & digital punch card!

Click> https://bit.ly/b-y-o-b


We thought you’d like an example to explore! We know making a website can be expensive and time-consuming.

Click> https://bit.ly/AllStarzServices

There is so much to do, you’ll never have down-time. Time is money!

Get your gear on: Print one of ours or bee creative & design your own!


Social Media Movement

This global growing grassroots initiative started on Facebook and you can expand it to other platforms. It takes way more than two to tango!

United We Are One

It is easily possible to change the world. Sharing is caring! We need more knowledge of how to share. If you add a few people & they add a few more, we will live to see a network free of middle-man monopolies’ fees/restrictions, full of people sharing knowledge; goods; & everything everywhere!

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