Fight for Freedom

Sharing economy collaborative peer-to-peer mesh consumption

Thank you for joining the drivers’ movement!

If drivers don’t want to be classified as employees and/or want better pay, we are going to need guarantees either via the #FreelancersBILLofRIGHTS or the app. We’d have an app by now had it not been for having to write the bill against the states and feds misclassifying 1099 as employees to unionize us.

It could still happen to the Agora Hyve app if the USDOL uses the FLSA rule proposal against all app companies– so it’s fortunate we have the bill language as a backup plan in case that happens. App drivers would rather make a better app than make other apps better by getting the government involved.

— Kristin Lipp, Agora Hyve Founder 01/01/2023

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