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Agora Hyve is a distributed network formed by the community for the community. free of middle-man monopolies’ fees/restrictions, full of people sharing knowledge; goods; & everything everywhere!

Social Movement

This global growing grassroots initiative started on Facebook and you can expand it to other platforms. It takes way more than two to tango!

United We Are

Sharing is caring! We need more knowledge of how to share. It is easily possible to change the world together, so add a few people & they’ll add a few more!

Be The Swarm

Social Media

Local Teams






The Past



This Swarm itself began pretty much as a group of mostly disenfranchised rideshare drivers. Those who have been driving for the corrupt entities such as Uber, Lyft and others are literally killing themselves to pay these companies who set their rates for them; to prevent them from getting repeat business; to be limited to only ONE service; to be told do-nots & having no transparency– making their apps extremely unproductive & DANGEROUS products. These people are quite entrepreneurial, but unfortunately they are being tied down by the corporations; commission fees; & regulations. Many had aspirations & dreams to go into business for themselves (not Uber/Lyft).


They then sought out other avenues to pursue their passion. Arcade City (AC) was born 2016; Swarm City (SC) forked off AC 2016 when the CEO stole development $ from investors & the first ICO. SC wound up being just as scammy & manipulative to their lead team and supporters.

People loved the idea of these alternate networks to pursue their dreams; however, both of these new entities served only the purpose– to tie them down to accepting only ONE crypto token/coin. AC/SC only befriended & entertained people who supported them to inflate their two cryptocurrency values, ARC & SWT respectively.


Neither of them has a functioning app after all the funding stolen & broken promises. Not just once but twice now people have been used for this purpose; and their dreams, aspirations, and hopes were once again crushed by the greedy.


Agora Hyve is phase 2 as of July 2018 before we launch phase 3- the app. Phase 1, Swarm Agora, was founded July 4th, 2017 after we parted from Scam City. A few of us still have these dreams, hopes, and aspirations for a true FREE market.


People here are not limited to only ONE currency whether that be a crypto coin, or a bank card! There are no conniving narcissists here that want to use people to inflate their own token market values through scams & pump/dumps. Agora Hyve has no crypto coin or currency that providers are tied to nor any regulations of service, pricing, commission fees etc.


Everyone here is free to do business on their terms without 3rd/4th party fees; without currency manipulation or currency limitation. Each member of the group conducts business as they see fit.


They set their own prices; accept/pay whichever currency they want; and provide services as they wish. It is truly a free market… an Agora… by the Swarm, for the Swarm.


There are no middlemen here, no oligarchy– just regular people being *activists* interacting with their neighbors in their communities, states, and around the globe conducting business via currency, bartering, donating while also supporting their local communities through charity & voluntarism. You are only limited by your dreams, actions and perseverance. TOGETHER we’ll transform our businesses, our communities, states and the W🌍RLD.

The Present


Uber & Lyft now take over half what passengers pay!! Uber has no cars/drivers; Airbnb has no homes.. we could chat all day about how many companies need People and their $!!


We can unite our local communities across the world via the People’s network (Agora Hyve) so we can be independent of 3rd/4th parties gouging our local economies & telling us -consumers + providers- how to do business: It’s modern-day slavery!


It’s the 21st century and the 1st time in history WE THE PEOPLE have our own FREE network, & pay/trade however we want to on a single device at our fingertips. Build your own businesses & promote them!!


Passionate volunteer Uber/Lyft drivers have been doing global expansion/concepts/designs/blueprint for the past year & the world will be looking at an app launched in 2019. We need to do marketing; crowdfunding; beta tests.. we need all hands on deck!! Get out & talk to people. Sharing is caring!

Our Future



The world is hurting

People are starving

Children go unattended
Veterans are homeless

They don’t know where to turn
We want to make a difference

There are plenty of resources in our pool to go around! There is plenty of work too with all the jobs just sitting there waiting for us to do them!


Community Economy is the sum of the Gig+Sharing+Gift economies all wrapped into one for the convenience– and for our sanity lol When we divide we lose our unity. United, we stand.


Now is the time the people living on this planet need to consider the future & what ripples we individually make to preserve our nature outside & in.


The RBC/Resource Based Economy & automation doesn’t have to come with a price tag on our humanity. We can save the world with one heart beat and we all need you.


We look forward to-
On-Demand Gigs/Jobs
Networking Resources
Collective Power
Search & Rescue
Neighborhood Watch
Paid Traffic Infractions
& a few more of our favorite things..**