67 app screens are finished

GOALS BY 02/27/23:

-Viral Video to Organize

We need a video in order to start a grassroots movement. Drivers (& the public) need to know how much a mile is worth/why; why $1/mi is unacceptable; why $2/mi minimum in the USA for delivery is acceptable; why I aim for $3-$4 minimum for every single mile; what net v gross is; plus Uber rates & tell all the dirty .

-Digital App Design

I would like to use either the mock app or the digital images to be rendered by a graphic design artist before they go to development. This can be started as soon as an NDA has been assigned and there’s funding or an agreement.

-Non Disclosure Agreement

An NDA will also be needed / required to work on the development/design. I prefer a lawyer (not yours) to produce the document rather than write it myself. Lawyers cost a pretty penny and I don’t know one personally, so I’m going to need a little help to progress.

GOALS BY 03/30/2023:

-Mock App Design or Develop

Either a mock app will be started, or a local team will have reached out to me so development can begin.

GOALS BY 04/31/23:

-App Design

The first steps in order to launch the app will be complete (design, funding, growth, support). At that point, I prefer to connect to a local (Portland, OR to Seattle, WA) app/website developer for communication purposes whom can contract to be paid when the app is a success or be paid outright for the work if the funding affords it.

Please send a message with a link to your work if you’re interested. If I have a developer that I can’t work face to face with from time to time, I would like to produce a mock app to send to a developer rather than digital images.

-Domain v WordPress

The domain is pointed at the WordPress site– however it won’t show up how it should be (“”) until there’s a paid WP subscription. The features and visuals of the website are very limited on a $0 budget. Please consider contributing to the project to make the cause possible.

-Admin App Digital Design

The app will have a separate app to moderate and to supply live customer & provider service (chat).

-Monetize on YouTube etc

Funding helps drivers achieve our goals. You can help just by subscribing and watching the latest videos. Upcoming videos will be better.


ORGANIZE 01/23-03/23

Spreading awareness; growing the community, achieving the fundraisers; organizing the team; finishing the app concept design.



Creating ad content; advertising the app; developing the app; servers/hardware; merch & marketing.


FUNCTIONAL APP SITE 06/2023-12/2023

Launching the app; email list notifications; moderating & maintaining the app; sending merch


-Concept Design ✅️

-Sketch Designs ✅️

-Digital App Design~

-Mockup Design

-Graphic Design

-App Development

-Viral Video for V.1.0~

-Promo Video for V.2.0