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Cell 411-

This app most resembles that of Uber/Lyft but there’s no scam behind it which is why you have likely never heard of it. It could be the next big app if there weren’t others out there making better ones, but it will by far suffice until we launch BZY. It takes a community to make any app alive, and this one is the most legitimate for ridesharing.


Over 2 billion active users on Facebook makes this a better app than most to find people right away in your market(s). When Uber/Lyft left May 9, 2016 drivers started with over 40k in Austin for ridesharing, alone. Today we can use our network everywhere for everything!


This app offers a large room for organization, and projects. 



 This app can be useful for ridesharing! LibreTaxi’s bot will guide the way.. just begin by sending /start (as shown). Don’t forget to stop by the Agora Hyve while you’re in.


Unfortunately Google Plus will be shutting down anytime now but we look forward to expanding our presence on social media.


You can share your location and files through this app acquired in 2018 by Facebook. It also enables voice and video calls.


You can in fact send your location straight from the app into the channel so you can get service in a flash, and it’s as quick & easy as jumping on a mic to respond!

To Be Continued